About - Michelle Schneider

A little about myself

Hi, my name is Michelle. If there is one word I had to choose to describe myself it would be creative. It’s what I’ve always been. Growing up, I was drawing, painting, and forever making things—much to the peril of my parents’ basement storage. So naturally, it made sense that I would graduate beyond coloring contests and do design for a living.

I went to Kansas State University where I received a BFA in Visual Communications–Graphic Design. I started my career right there in Manhattan, KS working for a small ad agency. In 2011, I moved to Kansas City to enter into the sports world and be part of an amazing team at Sporting Kansas City. I enjoyed several years there and eventually moved on to become an Art Director at AMC Theatres on the digital team. Eventually, I took a role as Creative Director at a private jet company called Airshare. There’s a full breakdown on my LinkedIn profile if you are begging for more details.

I’ve learned so much over the years by being a part of different marketing teams of all shapes and sizes. Along the journey, I’ve also worn a lot of hats. Working in small teams often meant you became much more than a designer. I was a project manager, a copywriter, and a web developer too. But making quality use of all those skills only works if you have the key ingredient.

You have to have a strategy that actually works when you are creating marketing assets. Your website and emails must be clear and effective, and that is what I intend to help small businesses with—marketing that clearly communicates your business and helps it thrive.